Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Operation Shock and Awesome Update: The Terrain is Almost Complete!

As you can see in the picture, I set out all the terrain that I planned to use for SnowCon.  For those of your who don't know, the conventional wisdom on whether or not you have enough terrain for a table is to cram all the terrain you plan to use into one corner of the table. If you can fill a quarter of the table, you have sufficient terrain for your game.  I filled two tables completely with terrain.  Quick math tells me 8 table quarters equals 8 tables worth of terrain!  I made it!  Well, almost.  I still need some more trees for one table, but I will acquire them shortly from AC Moore.

For those of you who are particularly keen-eyed may notice that I tried to keep terrain in mind when I set it out.  I tried to keep city terrain with other city terrain, hills with forests, ect.  One of my pet peeves when laying out terrain is when someone sets down a bunch of urban buildings, then slaps down a forest and rocky hills all around them.  I understand that we don't have unlimited terrain, but it kind of ruins the "realism" factor when you're fighting over a city that was built in the middle of a bunch of rocky hills.  So, I am endeavoring to build tables for SnowCon that are both fun to play on, and visually "right."

Also, I want to say for the first time on my blog that my event at SnowCon is officially a go!  Please head on over to SnowCon's website, purchase a ticket, and sign up for my event and any other gaming that you'd like to do that weekend.  I will be putting up a more detailed post about it in the near future, but that is for another rant... until then!

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