Sunday, January 15, 2012

SnowCon 2012 40k Tournament: A Review

Well, the event went off with only a few hitches along the way.  I want to say thank you to everyone who participated, helped set up, ran for coffee, food, or anything else myself or any of the players needed. It became evident to me that in the process of organizing the event that a 40k tournament is way more than just throwing dice and moving little plastic men around the table. In some ways, that becomes the least important part of the event, at least from the Organizer's perspective.

We started just after 10 AM as one of my players was running late, but we finished almost an hour before my self-imposed 6 PM deadline. We had Ten players who showed up, with many new faces! I was happy to have the new guys, but at the same time, I wished more of the regular tournament attendees could have made it, too.  I'd have liked to have them see what I have planned for the future in the Bangor 40k scene.  The one thing I did not expect was how hard it is to keep ten guys focused and close at hand after each round. I gave 20-30 minutes for lunch after round one, but even I got back a few minutes late!

I gave out three prizes: Best General, Best Overall, and Player's Choice. Each winner received $50 in store credit to the wonderful FLGS, 3 Geek Gaming.  Beyond that, my good friend Warren Falconer donated a box full of Warhammer novels and audio dramas to the cause for everyone who did not get a cash prize. The Winners were: Best General - Warren Falconer, Player's Choice - Tyler Emery, Best Overall - Tony Spero

I uploaded over 100 photos from the day to Facebook. If anyone can't find them there, please leave a message here and I will upload them somewhere more accessible.  My head is still spinning and I am sure I will have lots more to say about the event as time goes on, but for now, Thanks to SnowCon for having us, thanks to Brenden, "Thor," and the guys at Crossroads in Standish for creating and playtesting the missions we used, all of my players who came to play and made it all worth doing (and we will be doing it again... if any of you were impressed by this year's event, wait til next year!) and especially to Colin Mansfield who volunteered to help me transport and set up all of the tables and terrain to and from the shop. I could not have done it without his help, and I'm very much in his debt. He also agreed to be my "bye guy" so that should we have gotten an odd number of gamers, they had the option to play a friendly game with him rather than waiting around for two hours for their bye to be over.
More to come later!