Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Operation: "Shock and Awesome," or "How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Terrain!"

The Mission:  To make my tables look as cool as possible for SnowCon.

With just under two months before the big event, I wanted to get the word out now that I will be making my own terrain with the help of a few friends.  Along with the terrain I will be borrowing from 3 Geek, I am hoping to be able to put together 8ish really awesome and fun tables to play on.  There are a few reason why I want to build more/better terrain.  The first reason being that some of the terrain at the shop is starting to look pretty haggard and worn out.  It seems like every Wednesday one piece of terrain (I am looking at you Cities of Battle buildings) needs to be re-glued and what little paint there was on the piece has worn off.  I think 40k, and war gaming in general, is as much about the cinematic "shock and awesome" that happens when you see really neat terrain being fought over by two nice looking armies!

The second reason I want to add to my pool of available terrain is because I happened to review the pictures of the 40k 'Ard Boyz regional event that 3 Geek Gaming held a few years back.  At the time we thought we were "the poo" for being able to host such a large, cool event.  A few years later, a few years older and wiser in the world of hobby, I came to realize after looking at those photos, just how poorly our shop terrain managed to do the job.  Granted, we have had quite a few new foam buildings and hills donated since then, but still, take a look at the above photo as my open and shut case on why we need more terrain for a larger event!

To put it bluntly, we don't have enough cool, diverse terrain to do the eight or so tables that I have in mind. The next few weeks are going to see me doing nothing but terrain TLC and building new foam creations for you all to fight over.  The best part is that most of the terrain that I make will be donated to the collection at the shop as well.  I am always a fan of city fighting, so expect to see more buildings and urban terrain features... it is the 41st millennium after all!

Until next time,

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

40k SnowCon updates!

Hello to anyone who is reading!  I am proud to say that there is very little left to be done before SnowCon, and we are still two months out!  I finished the player's packet last night, received permission to use the missions that I wanted to use, as well as the go-ahead to use 3 Geek's terrain for the tables!  The last piece that needs to fall is that I am waiting for the Schedule-Dude (clearly the technical term,) to get back to me about space availability so that I can officially make the event 1500 and not something smaller to fit onto a 4x4 space instead!

I really want SnowCon to be a lot of fun for everyone who attends this year.  I am hoping to use this as a template for how I would like to see events run at our FLGS (Friendly Local Game Store,) in the future, with a few minor changes.  I don't know about the rest of you, but playing the same 3 missions out of the back of the main rule book gets boring.  This is my attempt to make our games more fun and enjoyable for everyone involved!

Once I get the go-ahead on space, I will probably post a little more detail about what I am doing with the event itself.  Stay tuned and keep on rolling sixes (except for leadership tests!)

Monday, November 14, 2011

In the beginning, there was blog. And it was good! -- Ruthven 1:1

Hey everyone!  I'm starting a blog to keep you all updated on my thoughts on the local gaming scene, special events or gaming days that I would like to see realized in the Greater Bangor Area (GBA,) and my ongoing progress toward organizing the events for this year's SnowCon  (and maybe some things going on afterward!)

I am sure I will also be doing hobby updates and maybe even some model/codex reviews as well, but only time will tell!  For now... there is blog, and it is good!