Tuesday, February 21, 2012

This blog post is brought to you be the letter WAAAAAAAAGH! and tournament updates.

So, I've embraced my new role as Bangor's resident player-organizer for all things 40k. It is nice to have free reign over how the local events will run and what sort of missions we will be playing.  To that efect, I have started the initial process of writing and play testing a new set of missions in the same theme as those missions we have been using for the last few month's worth of events. None of my missions are out of their beta testing stage.  However, I will be vigorously play-testing over the next few weeks in hopes of having them hammered out in time for "Grudge March" on March 4th. "Grudge March," for those of you haven't heard, is going to allow the first round of the tournament to be a grudge match round.  You are welcome to call out any other player at the event and play them in round one.  The other person may refuse, but they will be ridiculed by the rest of us profusely (jokingly)!!  This won't be a feature we employ at event tournament going forward, but we may bring it back from time to time if it is popular. Don't miss your chance to call out that one guy you have really wanted to get a game in against and utterly destroy him! 

Going forward, Please if it is at all possible, type out our army lists and have a few copies with you the day of the event.  Last month we had some issues with poor handwriting and missing army lists and I can not allow that to happen any more.  Thank you all for understanding and complying with my request.

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