Thursday, February 9, 2012

Lost in the warp...

Well, its been a few weeks since I have posted here... Real life has kind of kicked me in the pants and kept me away from posting.  I've been working on a commission paint job for some Daemons, revising/restarting my Dark Angel Deathwing since the new rumors surfaced saying that they may have a new codex on the way, and we had a tournament at 3 Geek last Sunday.... Oh would you actually like to hear about how the tournament went?  Why didn't you say so?

Last Sunday, which happened to be Super Sunday, we had 8 players at the shop.  Some new faces, some old friends that had been gone far too long, and a steady diet of our core player base were in attendance! I used missions similar to the ones that I used at SnowCon, which have been getting rave reviews so far.  We used the normal three round format and played 1850 points. Unfortunately I was the 8th player to keep the numbers even, so I didn't get to take any pictures this time.

Round one I played my good Friend Alex "Swab" Shapiro, who doesn't get up to game at the shop very often anymore, so seeing him was a lot of fun!  He brought a pretty solid Black Templar list, that just requires a little more fine tuning before it really becomes a terror on the table.  I took my standard Stormraven, Assault marine, Sanguinor-led Blood Angel list to the tournament because I had it on hand and I was hoping that I would not have to play.  The Sanguinor was really my MVP here, he ate three squads by himself!  My Stormraven went into reserves since I did not get to go first, and it decided to stay out of the game until turn five, of course!  The final score of the game was not as close as it really was, I ended up taking a 32-2 win.  Tough loss for Swab, but the beauty of the points scale we use at the shop is that losing game one isn't always the worst thing in the world.... you have time to come back fast!

Round Two saw me squaring off against Will and his Dark Eldar who have been the terror of the shop tournaments lately.  This match was a tale of two halves, and the end result was a rare occasion for me, and not in a good way!  I was wrecking him after the first two turns.  I had destroyed all but one of his vehicles that started on the board, and wiped out two full squads on top of that... but on turn three all of his reserves arrived and turned the tide in a hurry!  To sum up this painful last few turns... I went from having lost one model after turn 2, to being tabled by turn 5.... Sometimes the dice gods are unkind, but congrats to Will for tabling me in a tournament for the first time in years!  Will ended up winning the overall event again, with another crushing victory over another Blood Angel player, Tony, in round three, by the way.

My Round Three was against Warren, who brought his White Scar marine army to the tournament for a change.  Usually he plays Grey Knights as many of you know, but his first army was the Scars!  It was cool to see them back on the table and updated a bit.  The highlight of the day for me was when his Techmarine's servitor tried to shoot my stormraven with his plasma cannon, scattered off my bird and onto his rhino, rolled to hit and penetrated it, and then blew it up, and killed one of his own marines in the ensuing explosion!  Another close game between Warren and myself, but I came out on top and managed to take third place overall... another testament to the points system that we have adopted at the shop, one bad loss doesn't necessarily sink you!

I had an absolute blast running and playing in this event, and I can not wait until next month!  I'm hoping we get a teams tournament going at the shop soon.  There is a signup sheet going at the front counter for both a singles and a doubles tournament... so please go in and sign up ;)

Until next time... the next update will come a lot sooner than this one did, I promise!

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